To see the current impact of deforestation please be patient while the satellite map loads below.
Once loaded the areas in pink will depict forest cover lost due to deforestation. When we clear forests we release stored carbon into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide which contributes to climate change.


This tool from the Global Forest Watch was prepared by University of Maryland & Google researchers to monitor forest disturbance. This is the current view depicting forest loss with satellite imagery refreshed daily from Sentinel 2 (European Space Agency) and Landsat 8 (U.S. Geological Survey).


Earth, our home is in crisis due to the devastation of our forests, our over-dependence on fossil fuels (gas, coal & oil),  our food & transport choices, and plastic pollution in our oceans.

According to the UN, climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity
As a society, we all have to take action to become Carbon Neutral or Net Zero Carbon by 2030.

Learn more about Climate change below and track your carbon footprint.

  • What is Climate Change? - Aljazeera short Documentary on YouTube. (7 mins)

  • Earth's lungs are failing! - BBC Documentary on the Tragedy of Deforestation on YouTube. (5 mins)

  • Sir David Attenborough explains - How to save our Planet. WWF video on YouTube. (9 mins)

  • Measure your Carbon Footprint using the WWF calculator here.

  • Learn more about UK's Carbon Literacy project here.

  • Join Kenya's campaign for a sustainable environment and ban single-use plastic to save our oceans. 



Taste of Kenya team based in the UK has completed certification on carbon literacy.


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